Asking for help

I wouldn’t normally do this, as I respect you all as my readers who read the infrequent things I post, and sometimes enjoy them. 

I am asking for donations to me for my Team for the Relay for Life.  My name is Dakota Miller on the page. Cancer has played a huge part in my life while seeing others suffer under the cruel hand of it. 

If you could please donate a little bit, Share it with your friends, post it in your blogs with link and this comment, that would help me greatly. Even a small gift of a dollar or two would help me reach my goal, and help my team reach and exceed our goal. 
Thank you. 

In the battle for more Birthdays.



Hey guys! 
Please donate and share on my friend Will’s page. He is doing a polar plunge for Special Olympics Indiana. 
His goal is 75… but we can do better than that! 
So please go here, and donate and share on your pages and with your friends!!! He’s an Eagle Scout, guitarist, EMT, Lifeguard, Camp Counselor, Boy Scout, And all around cool guy.


So, I’m listening to different songs like Wonderwall, Somewhere only we know, and Mountain Sound… 
They’re all painting a picture in my head… 
When Music is able to paint a picture in our heads, it is a beautiful thing. Music, makes us feel, it teaches us to love, and also to let go. 
I know it’s foolish, but I loved someone. Well, maybe loved? Maybe just enjoyed the company of them to the point of extreme liking. 
Anyway, I believed that they liked me as well, and as I wait on deciphering the clues from her.  So, when I am showing my interest in her, in smaller ways, I find out that she has been dating a guy for a while. Now, I understand, yes it may just be a crush, but who knows… I just wish that I could show my feelings without seeming like a creep… It sucks right? 
If Music be the food of Love, Sing on. Sing on.

Random right? :D

Okay, so we all know that God Save the Queen and My Country ‘Tis of Thee are one in the same right? 
The same song, just different words and depending on who wrote the arrangement a slightly different style… Right? 
Anyone else prefer the British Anthem God Save the Queen over My Country… I like them both, I know random right? 
I like them both as songs, as I have played in Wind Ensembles and sang in Choirs, and know a little more than the average bear about music, etc. But there’s something I prefer about God Save the Queen. 
Anyone else? 


I am a Boy Scout. 

I am a Boy Scout Camp Counselor.

I am a Boy Scout Assistant Scoutmaster.


I am an Eagle Scout.


I am a Lutheran. 


I am awesome… (Side Note).


I don’t believe that the BSA Should discriminate against gays and people with different religious views as us. I think that showing boys that its okay to be unaware and discriminate people just out of spite is just plain inappropriate! 
If you are a scout, scouter, or just want to support the cause, you can go to this website: http://www.inclusivescouting.net/ for more information. 
Or you can order the “Inclusive Scouting” square knot or bumper stickers from this link from the Inclusive Scouting Network website: http://www.inclusivescouting.net/store/orders/

Oh yeah? 
You think you’re a big deal? 
You want to try and drag me around?
I send you something, knowing you’ll read it, and ignore me. . . 
Even when you normally made some small comment about it. 
You have ignored my messages and texts for a week. . . Fuck you. 

Screw you

I tried to love you, I showed you who I could be. 
I tried. 
You talked to me, and then you ignored me. 
I promised a wonderful time, you told me you were excited for dinner. 
I told you I would cook, and cater whatever you wanted. 
I would do whatever YOU wanted. 
You still chose to ignore me. . . For what reason, I’ll never know, but now I don’t give a fuck. 
You kept running me around, draining me of my sleep and happiness. 
I do wish you would have accepted me. . . I do wish that you had tried to love me. 
Well, whatever I’m done with you. 
Sucks to suck. 
And did I mention I really don’t like you? 
Well, I did. . . Till you quit running me ragged.